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What ever happened to Not Like This? It's been a while

My excuse for this is still the same: I’ve been working with an editor for about a year now on another project that will most likely be published in the next year if I can get my ego in check.

I have four more chapter for “Revisited” and two more chapters lined up for the original version, which a fan said they would publish 5 hardback copies for me afterwards to give away and a few artists are going to do cover and inside art for it. So… Hang in there.

Light some candles for me

So I’ve been given this odd confidence boost over the past two days. Like… I don’t feel beautiful or anything, but I feel mediocre to a certain person. Like a PRETTY bridge troll. So… I’m going lingerie shopping after work wha wha!

Just pray that my psyche doesn’t snap along the way cause ain’t nobody need a depressed bridge troll when there’s tolls to be collected from the townsfolk and shit.

Don’t come at me with your James Van Der Beek hate I will kick you in the nuts.


Coming Up Roses - Keira Knightley

In the movie this is the first song Gretta and Dan record together and just watching the way the whole thing comes together and also how Dan manages to coerce some rowdy neighborhood kids into being the angelic background chorus is just so wonderful. god. this movie. 

^^^^ That scene was amazing.

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